Thursday, 9 June 2016

So it's goodbye from him....

Indian food at Palairos.
 Well, I guess that's all folks, On Saturday morning before the sun rises we will be waiting for the ferry at Igoumenitsa to take our last journey home from this land of the gods.  Which means that "From Yorkshire to Greece" will no longer exist and our Greek odyssey will be over.

Al Fresco dining in Lefkas at Voglia
It's been a fantastic nine years we've been out here but of course all things come to an end.  We'll miss many people and many places but the call of Yorkshire is upon us and family commitments mean that now is the right time to do it.

One of our last Lefkadian sunsets
Lesanda is still up for sale under the auspices of Network Yacht Brokers with David and Paula who seem confident that she will sell fairly soon, Thanks guys the cash will be handy as we move on with our new lives.

In the time since our last blog (sorry for lack of updates) we have "rescued" Geoff from hospital and potentially having to go into a care home.  We have got him back into his own house all beit living downstairs and with carers visiting three times a day.  Sandra is doing the cooking and washing and our lovely Daughter in law Jane is cleaning for him so he's going to have some pampering in his dotage.  We have also found ourselves a nice little house in the historic market town of Howden (all cobbled streets etc.) and furnished it all prior to heading back here last Sunday to get the car and our remaining kit before returning to the UK.  Thanks for all the kind thoughts and messages of support from every one and Thanks for reading my diatribe of the years. And it's goodnight from her...

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