Thursday, 27 March 2014

Independence Day....

And the band played on...
 On Monday evening of this week a few people who either play music (in the loosest possible sense of the word) or aspire to play an instrument, got together upstairs in Remezzo's to have a jam session.  I think it was enjoyed by everyone who went even though there was no structure to the evening most people managed to join in irrespective of their current abilities.  Thanks to all who turned up for a pleasant evening of music and banter.

Two little uns in national costume
The ubiquitous balloon seller. 
Tuesday was independence day in Greece and therefore a national holiday.  It celebrates the Greeks finally gaining their independence from the Ottoman empire after almost four hundred years of their foreign rule.   In common with most Greek public festivals there was a parade through the town featuring the Lefkas island's brass band, very British, and representations from local schools and organisations also paraded.  Many of these were in national dress for the occasion.  Unfortunately as is often the case, the route had roped off boundaries but when the parade drew near the locals just ignored them and went out into the road in front of us so we could get no decent pictures of the participants.  It didn't matter though it was a lovely day (unlike since then) and they all enjoyed it also the town's tavernas and coffee shops did a roaring trade off the back of it all.

The band and the dignitaries. 
 We should have been going out tonight to help celebrate Jez' 82nd birthday, well getting near there anyhow, but unfortunately Sanny has come down with some bug or other, I think it's bubonic plague but maybe that's why I am not a doctor.  No doubt she will recover soon after taking all the lotions, potions and drugs.  Sorry to be absent Jez and Deb but we're sure you'll probably have an even better time without us.  Happy Birthday old fella.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Oh yes it is...

Mind that codpiece sheriff!
 We had an excellent night out last Thursday at the annual NIVADS (Nidri very amateur dramatics society) pantomime presentation of Robin Hood as usual at Vliho Yacht Club.  Thanks for the pictures VYC which I have purloined from your Facebook page because mine were not good. It was a real family fun night and to our mind the best panto we have seen to date.

A rose between three Thorns.
Jan as prince John with his constant lisp (his solo can be found at ) Special mention should also be made for the parts played by Tree, Lorna and the unforgettable codpiece that was the Sheriff of Nottingham, it would not be unfair to mention the whole cast as they all played a fantastic part but unfortunately I don't have the space here.

The cast of Robin Hood.
I don't think Lekada will be quite the same again after that, one thing that was very pleasing was that there were several Greeks in the audience and one lady was explaining the "plot" to her children whose English was obviously not quite up to  double entendra pantomime jokes, however, they seemed to get it after mum explained, and I thought panto was a very British thing.

We went with Debbie and Jez and had a meal at the Yacht club prior to the performance which was great and sufficient lubrication to make the heckling flow more freely.
King Richard and the Ninja Tree.

Today is No. 4 Grandsons Birthday so I would just like to wish Mason Riley a very happy 8th Birthday from Grandma and Granddad.  And also love to the other seven of them who may feel left out.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

The longest day...

Car Safely tucked up until summer.
 Sorry about there being no blog last week but we were busy making final preparation for returning to Lefkas.  Needed to get the final cutting of grass and clearing up in the paddock done to minimise the work we had to do when we return to the UK in three months time and also tuck the car away safe and sound although it's a good job that the car wasn't in the garage when the flood came as Sandra had left it at our sons before returning in November, if it had have been in there it would have been written off as the level of water in there was over the bonnet level.
The insurance companies excuse not to pay!

Paddock all cleared of detritus and most of the muck.
 Some of you may be aware that our insurance company have refused our flood cover because of this dyke running down the side of our property they claim that a water course includes all ditches, drains and dyke
s.  I have defied them to find me a rural property which isn't with a quarter mile of their definition of a watercourse.  It's now with the ombudsman and possibly may be in a court of law by the end of summer. PRATS!
At York Station waiting to come "home"

Last weekend we helped number 2 son Chris and his family move residence to another village five miles away.  I think it was really about Chris getting faster broadband but the kids will have more kids of their own age around them.  The house they moved into was a real state and despite eight of us on cleaning detail before they could even put stuff on the floor it will be several weeks work for Chris, Jane and maybe even the kids (if child labour isn't frowned on!) to get it into anything like the kind of place that Jane'll want.  They've never been frightened of hard work though.

Sanny brewing a cuppa while I watch Rugby in the Manchester Radisson.
 Anyway towards the end of the week we had a couple of meals out with friends and relatives before the journey back to the warmth of Lefkas (currently 18 degrees but feels like low 20's) before saying our farewells to the kids, grand kids and of course not forgetting (how could we) Geoff.  I think he was a little sad to see us go after being shacked up with him for so long and San waiting on his every whim but he is now much better and we think he'll manage fine until we return in the summer and if he isn't then we are only a flight away.  We left home for York on Saturday lunchtime to catch the train to Manchester airport where we had booked in the Manchester Radisson Hotel as our flight was at six thirty on Sunday Morning meaning being in the airport for four Thirty.  We had an easy flight to Athens and a couple of hours or so waiting for the bus from Athens to Lefkas where we arrived at around ten in the evening which made it a pretty long day all told, but it was better for already being in Manchester in the morning.  A word of warning, although the room rates at the hotel are reasonable, don't eat there it cost a bloody fortune, thanks Geoff for giving us the cash before we left to pay for it!