Thursday, 19 August 2010

Moving day has arrived.

Well, it's finally got around to the time when we have had to move out of brick walls and replace them with aluminium ones in the caravan. We've put it out in the Paddock as the house and garden has been fenced off from this and is not part of the rental agreement, this means that if we need to return at any time we can always go into the "van" for a while. The new tenants move in tomorrow morning so that's the last time we shall see the inside of our house for some time, at least I hope it is!

Pictures: Our new temporary accomodation in our paddock behind the house.

We have heard via Paula Conroy's blog that there are some quite bad hill fires on Lefkas Island and we are very relieved that there seems to have been no serious injuries or worse still loss of life as a result. I assume that we would have heard if it had affected any of the properties of people we know so we'll work on the assumption that no news if good news.

I think that we now have everything ready for going back to Greece including some furniture which we have flat packed out of the house so it's going to be another very full car as we return across Europe, especially so as we will have Sandra's dad with us. He's coming across for three or four weeks and I'm sure he'll thoroughly enjoy the journey. Sandra will return to the UK with him after this on a plane and spend a few days with the grand children prior to coming home.