Thursday, 28 May 2015

Just a quicky...

Allegedly a pyjama Day.
 Only a couple of photo's this week as I had not thought we were anywhere near Thursday yet.  Probably a sign that I'm still very forgetful or perhaps I should just substitute that for OLD.
I think really it was the may day holiday which threw me out somewhat with everyone not being at work on Monday.
Anyway we have had a great time since last week with Mason and Finley on Tuesday, in truth that can be hard work especially with Fin who just want's your attention 100% of the time.  
Posers to the end.

Yesterday we went down to see Pete (ex of the Katoghi), we had a nice posh lunch with him in town and a real catch up on all that's been happening with both him and us and as usual a good laugh to boot.

Today it's looking after Jessica and Melissa for the day whilst mum and dad are working.  They are not one bit of bother really spent all morning playing upstairs in their rooms (coz it's a pyjama day according to them).
Fashion Central or maybe just PINK city.

After Lunch it seems it was time to open the hair dressers shop and restyle Grandma, god knows although she needs it, she doesn't look too thrilled by the prospect!

Anyway, great to hear that Jez is recovering from his double heart bypass and that his "Nurse Nightmare", Jez's words not mine is on hand to mop his fevered brow.  Take it easy guys and get well soon.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Grass cutting for beginners...

Caravan still under wraps.

Second cut of grass
 At the weekend we decided it was time to set up our summer residence in anticipation of moving out of Geoffrey's home this Friday.  Gary had kept the grass fairly short but I managed to strim the edges and ran over with the mower before we started as there's nothing worse than trying to put up an awning with wet longish grass all around.

Cutting grass and putting up the awning was a bit of a struggle with my limited balance and mobility but with the aid of many sit downs as it progressed we got it done.

I have since cut it to it's normal summer length and it's now looking a treat.  The summer residence is now all fit for us to move into tomorrow, complete with Sandra's mandatory flowers, herbs and spices.  I think it's all been worth the back ache and the wobbly moments.

All set up in the awning.
The smells of the surrounding countryside are a treat with the "old man's beard" growing perfusely  along the road sides and of course the apple blossom still full on all our apple trees.

Apple blossom still out.
 We were invited out last Saturday night to Sandra's cousin's house for his weekly "Bub" (Indian) night, as usual far to much food especially for this newly diagnosed diabetic, but never the less scrummy food and lots of great conversation.  We also paid a visit to Sandra's second eldest living Aunty at the same time.  Aunty Jean who at ninety three has just moved house for only the second time since she got married several millennia ago.  Her new house is absolutely perfect for her, in fact it would be perfect for us too given the chance.  Thanks to Paul and Nicci for a great evening and the many encouraging and kind words.

All done and sorted.
We were both very sorry to hear of Mark's latest stint in hospital and equally sorry to hear that it stopped Maureen having a much deserved break in Spain to celebrate Linda's getting old birthday bash.  Hope everything works out well for you guys, we know things have been tough for you and we hope to see you both in the next couple of weeks or so.

Sunday was Sandra's cousin Rachel's 50th birthday bash and was celebrated at the local hostelry by lots of family and friends.  It was a fun filled evening for her and she's now on the way to her second fifty in style.

Sandra's dad seems to have made a real recovery since Sandra has been making sure he takes his pills, feeding him and of course doing his household chores for him and despite him occasionally being a little confused he's marvellous now to how he was a week ago.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Once more into the system....

Last supper in Sivota with great friends Ray & Linda.
 Well a great deal has happened since last Thursday.  We are now two thousand miles further north west and I have a coat on in the house (about 12 degrees today!).

We had a couple of farewell meals before we left Lefkas last Saturday morning, the first with Ray and Linda in Sivota and the second with our Scandinavian pals Tommy and Anna at Ev Zyn in Lefkas town.  It was sad to leave but unfortunately when you've gotta go you've gotta go.
Me having a nightcap by starlight.
 So Saturday morning at around about 03:30 we set off for Igoumenitsa, arriving there at 05:00 ish but then having to wait until quarter to six before the ticket office opened to exchange our confirmations for the actual tickets.  I don't see why they can't do like the airline an just use the email as tickets but that would be "Greek system".  Anyway we had a great passage back to Venice both setting off and arriving precisely on schedule.
...and of course Sanny having hers too.

Hull looking gray.
 Being a Sunday when we got to Venice there were no HGV's on the Italian motorways and we had a great drive through Italy, Switzerland and onwards to our overnight stop at Keppel-Grafenhausen in Germany.  Mondays drive had much more traffic but with the exception of Strasbourg things were very free flowing but even there it was no worse than usual.
Almost home.

Onwards and a lovely warm and sunny drive north through a little of France then Luxembourg and finally Belgium, onto the north sea coast at Zeebrugge and then the P&O ferry to Hull which also set off precisely on schedule.

09:00 Tuesday morning we were in ASDA in Hull getting some groceries to last us the next few days whilst we are staying with Sandra's dad.  Called in at our local health centre on the way back home and got me back in the NHS system.

The doctor has been ace, sorted me out with the English version of my Greek drugs and reduced the dosage of a couple of them.  I showed him my records of BP and blood sugar stats that I have been recording since coming out of hospital and he immediately said that I no longer needed to monitor my sugar levels.  Good news but I will do it a couple of time a week in order to reassure myself things are still OK.  Sandra's dad is improving hand over fist since we got back, however, I ain't really sure we are going to be able to spend anywhere near as much time as we have out in Greece going forward.  He seems to be quite dependant on Sandra and is certainly making the most of her being here, she wouldn't have it any other way mind!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

...and tomorrow for old England we sail...

Siesta for the worker.
Eh - huh - erm what time is it?
 Well not tomorrow but 6:30 Saturday morning we set off on-board the Hellenic Spirit bound for Venice.  We found that we needed to change our plans last Saturday after speaking to Sandra's dad and the boys.  Her dad is struggling a bit at the moment, what with thinking about my problems and also his long term hospital appointments have been changed to an hospital forty miles further away, on top of this he has hurt his back and is finding mobility a problem.  Along with a few other things which will remain nameless we thought we would head north a couple of months earlier than we originally planned.

 This has meant Altering our existing ferry bookings and getting all the skittles in a line for an early exit.  We did have a slight hiccough with Anek as our first booking was done on a deal and thus none refundable but we've sorted that out now.
5:30 am the world at peace.

Sivota reflections.
It will mean that I can get into the NHS system a little earlier than planned and I know this is a great relief  for Sanny as she thinks that the physiotherapy available here is not really intensive enough for me.  She just want me slaving for her once again really.  It does however mean that the diabetes and hypertension etc. can be looked at by our own GP who we have been in touch with and they are more than helpful with this situation.  I would have liked another couple of months in the sun to recuperate but we would never forgive ourselves if anything happened to Geoff  in the interim time.

and by night.
There are many people who we would both like to thank for all the help, assistance and just pure good will they have shown us over the last four weeks (yes it's four weeks tomorrow since it happened) the list is too long but you all know who you are and we have tried to show our gratitude directly but if you didn't get the cheque we left we'll send it through the post!

We should be back on the ferry in Hull at around 08:30 Tuesday morning but if we don't get off it's because we'll still be asleep in the cabin.  To those in the UK see you soon and don't forget to vote.  To those here hopefully with a following wind we'll be back in September, if you see anyone leaving the marina in our boat, stop em!

Thanks again, Les & Sanny.