Thursday, 27 September 2012

Goodbye Trikala....

Sandra looking knackered in the heat.
 Sandra's old friends (and I use the word advisedly ) came to stay with us on Sunday, we picked them up from Preveza airport where they had arrived early.  In fact we watched their aircraft land as we approached the airport.  They were really fussy to see Sandra and I think they may even have enjoyed renewing their acquaintance with me, but perhaps they were just trying to be nice!

The saloon, looking toward the pointy bit.
Sorry I don't have any Photo's of the girls out here on their hols but unfortunately it coincided with us getting the boat on Monday so me and my camera have been otherwise occupied.  Sandra has had the girls all over the shop for the last couple of days leaving me with my new girl friend to get better acquainted, Sandra is currently on her way back from Kefalonia with them so if she got some pics I'll add em later otherwise it'll have to be next week.

The last time the world will see this view.
The weather out here is still stonkingly hot, so it sometimes hard to get into the shade working on the boat and it's like being in an oven inside, I've got sore eyes with wipeing the sweat out of them.  But at least we are getting the summer we never got back in the UK so mus'n't complain!

Ain't she cute, mwahhh!
Well on the first day of having the boat we took everything removable from her and up to the house.

The two reasons for this are that it's easier to work around an empty area, not having to shift stuff every time you move and Sandra want's to wash everything (I know that won't surprise anybody who knows her) but I suppose we'll never have a better opportunity.  I repaired a few minor things and drawn up a snag list of things which need Sailing holiday to repair/replace.  Had Kevan down yesterday and he spotted several things which I had not even thought of but I guess that's his job but thanks all the same Kev.  All in all I don't think we have done badly getting her and with Kev's comments being generally on the positive side it make me more confident in her.  

Before my screwdriver came out
 Since then I have been going over her wire and removing some of the easier bits and pieces of plastic notices and decals from her.  We have had someone look at her to add a cockpit tent and spray hood, unfortunately the main sheets are arranged in a fashion which stops a conventional spray hood going on her so I have removed this rigging for now and we won't be able to sail her with the spray hood in position but she'll still be motor-able.  As this canvas appendage is really only for winter use it should not affect us too much.

Anyway suffice to say that every day in every way she is getting a little less "Trikala" and a little more "Lesanda"
During but no where near done.

Friday, 21 September 2012

On count down....

Two of the four Harley's we have had next door.
Start of the regatta rally on Monday, Poros Bay.
 When we arrived back in Vournikas last week we had four German couples staying in Tree's house next door complete with two big vans a trailer and four Harley Davidson bikes which were extremely pampered.  They seem to have had a great holiday   the place was full of laughter and burping all week but they didn't bother us in the slightest.

It is nice to hear people having fun and enjoying their own company.  They left on Thursday morning with two bikes on the trailer and the other two inside one of the vans and it's now very quiet!

Monday saw the start of the annual Southern Ionian  Regatta Rally and we witnessed the start in Poros bay.  I counted thirty three starters although I may have been wrong as they are all milling to and fro and it's easy to miscount.

Some of the boats in Sivros for the end of the regatta.
The rally was over four legs and finished on Thursday in Sivota with coinciding with the end of the regatta.  Tony, Tree and Mike's boat Jungle (which is the one which I have crewed on several times, although not on this occasion) Came second on the first day, First on days two and three and sixth on the last day, but despite the last day's miserable failure managed to gain the overall rally winners title.  This is a fitting end as Jungle is now up for sale.

When the average age of the crew was sixty seven years old this result is a really amazing achievement, and to top it all they beat Rod Heikell, the author of a miriad local pilot and seafairing books, into second place.  Well done you guys.

You never know next year we may take part in the rally, albeit with no expectation of getting anything other than the booby prize!
Looking from "No Problems" Spiridoulas over the quay.

We are now just waiting for Monday with respect to our boat.  The paperwork has been through the port police in Corfu and is as we write this, heading down to Lefkas in preparation for the big event, CAN'T WAIT!!!!  (like a kid at Christmas)

And the band played on!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Back to the rain...

Will all this lot go into the car?
2000 Miles later it proves it has
 Well that's the end of our time in good old Yorkshire.  The only problem we had was logistical, could we move all this kit from the UK to Greece in a Renault Clio.  We folded down the seats got the top box fitted on and watched as the suspension got lower and lower.  One washing machine, one cooker, four solar panels and a mountain of ropes,

clothes and others bits and pieces later  it all went in and the doors actually shut!
Blue sky's and damsel flies in England before we left. 

We had an incident free trip across Europe with not a spot of rain for the entire journey, this is a first for us as we have never before until this week seen Switzerland without low cloud

and rain.  It was marvellous.  The only downside we had was a big stone hit the wind-shield whilst travelling through Germany.  This has resulted it quite a big chip in the middle so we will have to see if we can get this repaired before it develops into a big crack.

Grey sky's and rain here in Lefkas.

Just before we left home I took the photo of the damsel fly on number three son's washing line with the blue sky as a backdrop it was Mediterranean weather in the UK for probably the first time since we had been home, typical!  We arrived back at Vournikas at around one in the morning on Thursday with temperature in the mid twenties and we thought and at least we'll get some sun now.  Halfway through the day it started to get seriously cloudy with some rain by late afternoon, this was followed in the evening by violent thunder, wind and rain which looks likely to be staying around for several days so it seems that plan is out of the window for a day or two.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sweet home Lefkada...

Unusual headstone.
 Last week before we set off for Lefkas on Sunday evening.

We spent last weekend mainly at Allen and Jeans, Sandra preparing the church flowers for baby Henry's christening, Allen and I putting the world to rights and watching the Paralympics.  Must say they are very inspirational.

On Monday we took advantage of having a free day to go and visit Mark and Maureen in their new abode.  They are making a fantastic job of the house given all the external pressures they have both been under.  Of course Mark has his HiFi and 50ish inch TV set up now so home entertainment has been established.  It was great to see them both (and Michael) again and although tired looking in great form.

Al with Kirsty and baby Henry.
Mo is coming out to Greece in a couple of weeks time so I'm sure people will catch up with all her news then, but we had a great day, thanks Mo and Mark for putting up with us again.

Sandra doing the kutchy koo bit.
 Geoffrey was picked up at York station on Tuesday evening after his annual pilgrimage to Dundee.

The old fella never seems to be at home but who can blame him for that as long as he's enjoying his dotage.
Borrowed Freelander and caravan ready for moving.

Since then we have been getting things ready for the trip back to the land of the gods.  Roof rack on the car and the top box on ready for the solar panels.

Everything else piled up awaiting packing of the car on Saturday.  We've taken down the caravan awning this morning and moved the caravan onto it's hard standing for the rest of the year.  As you can see the grass will need a little tinme to recover but it'll have no shortage of that. We'll just have to rough it for three more nights!