Thursday, 21 April 2016

Happy Birthday your majesty...

 Today is the ninetieth birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  What a fantastic job she has done for Britain, the commonwealth and much of the world in general without being political at all.  A fine example of a human being, whether or not you are a royalist you can't help but admire her.  Happy Birthday Ma'am.

Tomorrow the Olympic flame will be ignited at Ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese, there will be a relay of the flame through Lefkas tomorrow afternoon around 16:30 by four Local "heroes", which I guess will be something a bit different.  The flame will of course be heading to Brazil ending up at Rio in time for the summer games.

We got back to the marina yesterday for our weekly couple of nights on the boat and just got settled down when some guys on the charter boat next to us started deep sanding all the teak decking.  What a god awful mess they made of our boat and so today we have had to clean her all down - again!.  It was a good job that we had taken down the winter cover and replaced it with the bimini shade so at least all the powered wood and  black sikaflex adhesive didn't get on the main canvas, We had left up the spray-hood though so this will have to come down tomorrow and go with us back to Sivota where, at Ray and Linda's place I have the room to lay it all out and clean it properly.
At least the Charter boss did offer to hose it off for us but we know he wouldn't have done it like us and of course Lesanda is up for sale so she needs to look loved.

The next week will be our last week at Sivota looking after Ray and Linda's, I would just like to thank them for letting us do it.  It was especially poignant for me as it's exactly a year since we lived there last year after my stroke and it gave me the time and strength to be able to make the journey back home.  Much has happened over the last twelve months since but at that time I didn't foresee a great future ahead for us, now, hopefully things are much brighter.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hot under the collar...

Karen, Debbie and Sanny.
Not much to say this week, we've been having a lazy time of it, tucked away at Sivota.  The weather has been gradually getting warm and today is the best day so far of the year with the Temperature this afternoon in Preveza at twenty nine degrees, a touch cooler here in Lefkada at twenty seven.

With the warmth of course has come a mosquito or two and Sanny has spotted them.  Usually this happens at fifty paces minimum and preventative measures have then to be put in place, post haste before she gets attacked by the little critters.  However, she spotted one in the boat this morning so now all of the mossy nets have to be returned to the windows and hatches before any skin is allowed to be exposed to a potential attack which could result in the black death ravaging Europe once more.
Ray's car post wash and polish.

During my spare time I have cleaned and polished Ray and Linda's car as I promised them I would, I don't think the results are too shabby given the starting point. I had to chase the shade around to polish her as the polish was setting solid before it could be removed.  Hope you guys are enjoying your break in the UK and not worrying about the havoc being unleashed in and about you house!