Monday, 26 July 2010

ding dong ding dong...

Picture: This is the Only one we have with Sandra in her big hat Stood with her dad. In the foreground is Melissa No.3 grand daughter

Picture: Mason No.4 Grand son being cool for the camera.
Ah well at last I've got some Photos from Chris (No.2 Son) and a few from our own camera that Sandra managed to take while the camera was switched on and hadn't gone into standby! I've put most of them on face book so those of you who know me can get a look at the extended version there.
Picture: 'Lissa going for a walk around the car park.
The day went off very well and although the weather wasn't perfect, when is it is England, we were very lucky to time all the outside bits to happen when it wasn't raining, or was it just good luck rather than good management. The best man's speech was great although that's not the opinion of some of the "oldies" as it was rather near the knuckle at time and did involve the use of some choice words.
Picture: No.1 Grand daughter Libby looking Beautiful.
Picture: Libby making the most of the Horse and Carriage

Picture: No.2&3 Grand Sons Joe and Adam posing very professionally outside the church.
Picure: No.2 Grand daughter Jessica just thinking about getting Married herself!
The grand kids behaved very well (well Finley the youngest had a few moments but as he's deaf |I make allowances for him) and Mason the second youngest at 4 years old was still going Strong at half past one in the morning asking Sandra "what are we going to do when we get back home Grandma?" Sleep was the answer! I have now changed his name by deed poll to The Duracell Bunny.
Picture: Gary and Claire cutting the cake
Picture: No. 5 Grand son Finley stuffing his face as usual, give him food and you've a friend for life.
Picture: No.1 Grandson the clan elder looking very dapper for a 15 yr old.
Picture: Mason being grounded into Photography at an early age, David Bailey watch out!
We have confirmed that our house has now been let, by the first people who came to see it as it happens, they came three times before making up their minds, but hopefully that's a good sign that they will stay a fair while before moving on. We have had problems today with a new dishwasher which we need to replace for the tenant as the old one was on it's last legs and unreliable. We got the new one delivered this morning got it all unpacked and plumbed in only to find it wouldn't work the water inlet valve didn't seem to be opening so they are sending another one out to us on Friday. Other than that we are all finished apart from getting rid of some furniture to the kids and moving ourselves into the caravan for a few weeks awaiting out trip back to Greece.

Picture: All lean! I think there must have been a hurricain down the table centre Sandra Aunty Pauline and Uncle Ron with her dad.

Picture: Gary with his three Lads before the wedding.

Oh well Sandra has just delivered me a plate full of bread and butter pudding with currents, sultanas and figs in it so I'll have to go now and fill the proverbial orifice!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The end is in sight

Number 2 son, Chris decided that it would be a good idea to combine England's greatest achievement in the World cup (Beating Germany) with a garden party and BBQ. In order to make use of the most unseasonal summer weather we seem to be having this summer, the pool was brought into use and much enjoyed by all the Grand kids as can be seen by the photographs.

Well it's a good job that they enjoyed it as we who watched the match didn't get a great deal out of the day other than a belly full of cremated meat. To be fair the Germans outplayed us and we didn't deserve to go any further in the competition. The Good new is that two of the best and skillful footballing nations have now got to the final, it'll be good to watch the final knowing that you don't have to get too deeply involved although I would like Holland to win.

Getting on with the house now I can't believe how many of those little "I'll fix it later" jobs there were to do. Smoke alarms to fit new zone valve for the central heating, new light fittings because the others were tired and of course tons of painting just to brighten things up. I think we have just about broke the back of it now but I wouldn't care if I didn't see another paintbrush for the next twenty years or so. We just have the conservatory to give a lick now and some minor touch up jobs and then we'll be able to sit back and enjoy the rest of our time at home.

We've had a couple of people down to look at the house one of them twice and yet another couple coming tomorrow so with luck we should find someone who really fancies it before we go back to Greece.

We have decided that we are going to try catching the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge this time as it will save us driving down to the south coast for the tunnel and also saves us about 80 miles on the mainland side of the channel also so it'll go some way towards paying for the trip. Sandra's dad is coming back to Greece with us for a few weeks so it also cuts down on the time spent in the car for him and adds to the adventure.

We are just about ready for number one son's wedding, I have to go and have another suit fitting on Saturday along with a couple of the grand kids, Sandra has sorted out what she is doing with the church flowers along with Fiona our daughter in law. I'm sure it'll be alright on the night.

We are now getting "homesick" for Greece and are really looking forward to seeing some of the old faces (some very old) Tony, we have not seen another van / Camper but I'm sure you'll soon get sorted when you get over here. Oh well I suppose the next time I'll write this will be after the wedding so it'll be pictures of me and her in us sunday best! See yer later....