Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rock 'n' Roll pontoon...

Sandra get the last drop of Katoghi Rose out of the bottle.
 It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote anything and I don't seem to have drawn breath for most of the time.  The night before Sanny went back to the UK we had a night in Preveza with Debs and Jez who had found a lovely little wine bar with excellent village wine at the right price, of course they had Katoghi wine so San had to have some of that.
Us with Jez and Deb in Preveza

Plenty more wine to be getting on with.
 Sandra set off for Athens the next morning and after an overnight stay flew to the UK the next day.  The idea was to visit her dad who is having some scans taken at the moment but it happened that she could avail herself of our old house as our eldest son now lives there and was having a short holiday for himself with his family so needed a house/dog sitter, two birds with one stone.

The first job I did was repair the stereo on the boat which was a five minute job but took three hours to find the problem.  Anyway since then the pontoon has been rocking to the likes of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and the Stones, I don't often get the chance to listen to my stuff so I've made the most of it.
Fergus and Tommy putting the world to rights.

Andrea and Ricky in Porto.
On the subject of "rocking", Tommy managed to fall into the water a few days ago whilst trying to get back on his boat.  Then a couple of days later Jules fell in Remezzo's and damaged her fingers, and then a couple of days later managed to fall off her boat late at night.  Dangerous thing this living in a marina.  All are OK although a few bruises were encountered and Jules' fingers are still strapped up.

I did manage to get into Porto firstly on Friday for a farewell bash.  Although all those who planned to leave have had to revise their plans with the crap weather yesterday so the exodus will be next week when it looks great.  Then in Porto on Saturday for the rugby and then again on Monday prior to a birthday party so I've not gone without you understand.

Anyway most of my scheduled jobs have been either completed or postponed for other reasons and I even managed to get all the washing done, dried, ironed and put away this morning (browney points?).  Just the big clean-up tomorrow before San returns tomorrow night.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Two wheels on my wagon...

Davey Rogerson, undoubted star of the show.
 It's really been a week with a difference this week.  Sunday we took to the road and did the quiz on wheels, organised by Vlicho Yacht Club, with Keith and Angie, only just making it back to the YC in time for the cut off at 16:30 that was five and a half hours touring about looking for some really obscure (to us) clues.  It can't have been too bad though because we ended up fourth.  We had a great day out and such a laugh at times that the quiz was really incidental.  Lovely fajitas in the Yacht club later too, thanks guys for making it a great day.
This fella was make-weight.

Keith Oliver AKA "Johnny Cash"

I seem to have lost my bearings.

...and I'm not rolling along!
Tuesday evening was scheduled in for an open mic entertainments evening in Remezzo's.  Pete Winnett providing the amplification, mics etc.  as well as some of the turn slots.  I did a couple of slots and was not at all pleased with how they sounded to me but having listened a little later to a vid it was not quite as dire as I at first thought.

There were many more people who performed very well though in fact some (unexpectedly) brought their "A" game to the fore.   A special mention about Davey Rogerson though who I thought stole the show, super voice and clearly a cut above the rest.  Also a Mention for Gilly, who's wicked rendition of "Big Spender" was something to behold, literally triple G cup!

The other major event this week is the early demise of both of my rear wheel bearings and of course you can't just get this type off with a couple of screwdrivers and a tap or two.  No the have to be pressed out and in with an hydraulic or a fly press.  Just don't happen to have either of those on Lesanda with us but luckily we know a Geordie who can.  Thanks to Tony G.  For your assistance and the sourcing of the new bearings which will hopefully complete the job tomorrow.  As can be seen in the picture it looks more like it belongs on the back street of some less than salubrious urban ghetto at the moment.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Another fun filled, action packed week...

Can-Can or in my case - can't can't.
In lieu of this years pantomime NIVADS (Nidri Very Amateur Dramatics Society) had a change and decided to put on an "Old Time Music Hall" concert.  Reminiscent of TV's the good old days from the sixties and early seventies.  Complete with it's very own version of Leonard Sachs playing the master of ceremonies and coming out with some outrageous and typically hammed up words to suit.

King Prawn chow mein please! 
On the night we attended, Friday, the audience also played their parts with the oohs and aahs during the introductions and also joining in to the melodious refrains of our very talented actors.

Barber shop singing as you've never seen before.
 What a excellent nights entertainment and all recruited from a very small "gene pool" of talent on the island.  The costumes, the music the production, the food, the company and the laughs all priceless!
Random animal torture into the bargain.
What can you, died and gone to heaven well maybe not.

Washing out by eight thirty.
 We would like to extend out thanks to all the people who made it possible and also to Vlicho Yacht club for staging the event and also furnishing us with sustenance throughout the evening, well done one and all.

Can't leave without a special mention to our barber shop quartet of Mike, Vince, Keith and Brian.  They were superb even if they looked more like butchers than barbers.  Laugh - I nearly got me fags out.
Steve and Pete doing a "gig" in Remezzo's.

On Sunday we had another might of being entertained.  This time by Steve and Pete on Guitars, and a short guest slot with the excellent Davey Rogerson assisted by Keith Oliver all with some additional vocal work again by the small but not unappreciative gang of (mainly) live aboards in the marina.  Thanks you guys for dragging us away from the telly for the evening.

Whilst on the thank you tack, must mention Linda and Ray who accommodated us yesterday and cooked a lovely curry (I know I should have been an Indian) for us.  Thoroughly enjoyed the day and thanks for the marmalade also.